Resource professionals supporting the blending and storage for the world.

As the demand for clean burning energy grows so will the available technology. KRG utilizes new technologies to work with LPG, NG and LNG into the future.

The petroleum market is on its way back and the LPG market is heating up.   KRG is there to grow with it and help produce and deliver several petroleum/fuel products both domestically and Internationally. If you are looking to produce, buy, or sell your LPG, then we are here to help. Resources are in our blood with a specific focus on the ever expanding need for clean fuel like LPG.


Selling some of America’s abundant natural gas resources in global markets represents a major opportunity for the United States to create thousands of new jobs, grow our manufacturing base, generate billions of dollars in additional royalties and new government revenues and expand the benefits of U.S. trade.


According to IEA in their November 2015 World Energy Outlook “Where natural gas replaces more carbon-intensive fuels or backs up the integration of renewables, natural gas is a good fit for a gradually decarbonizing energy system: a consumption increase of almost 50% makes it the fastest-growing of the fossil fuels…

One-fifth of the projected rise in global demand consists of gas transported over long distances via very capital-intensive pipeline or LPG projects.”

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